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Philosophy & Herbs

This workshop was presented by Ohsahmin Judy Meister, Wendy Makoons Geniusz, and the People of the Miniss Kitigan Drum to share the ways of the Anishinaabe people as learned from the late Keewaydinoquay (Woman of the Northwest Wind), founder of the Miniss Kitigan Drum, a non-profit organization.

MKD is dedicated to the ongoing of the teachings of Nokomis Keewaydinoquay, who was an Ojibway elder, medicine woman, and ethnobotanist. Kee learned these ways from her elders.

This hand-on workshop conveyed traditional herbal teachings as taught by Keewaydinoquay, a philosophy of living in Bimadisiwin—living life to the fullest. Presenters shared their philosophy, including the approach to life, respect for the earth, and how all things are interconnected. Proceeds from the workshop will be used by the Miniss Kitigan Drum, to continue the traditional teachings of Keewaydinoquay as they were passed down to her by her elders.

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