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For more information about the NEIU Peace Fire Programs, or if you would like to host a Peace Fire at either location  or yours please contact: us.

Northeastern Illinois University
5500 North St. Louis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625-4699
(773) 583-4050

The Peace Fire Area is located just to the Northeast of the Northeastern Illinois University Physical Education Complex. The address below is the closest physical address on St. Louis Avenue to the Peace Fire - the WTTW Broadcasting station. 

PARKING: There is free parking on the West side of St. Louis (a one-way street going South). There is also free parking South of Foster Avenue. You can also purchase a one-day pass for one of the NEIU parking lots or parking structure.


On February 16, 1996, an ancient Peace fire was lit on the campus of Northeastern Illinois University by Muk Ta Tha - Bruce Hardwick,  and Muk Wa O Day - Duane Kinnart, two Ojibway Firekeepers from Rapid River, Michigan. Peacekeepers and Spiritual Leaders have been visiting the Northeastern campus for over 20 years to visit the fire Circle, participate in ceremonies on campus and share their knowledge and wisdom with our community, with coal bundles from the fires traveling around the world.



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